Dua Shah

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Hailing from the serene village of Khipro in Sindh, Pakistan, Dua Shah's journey is an inspiring testament to determination and resilience. Emerging from a modest background that posed challenges to her education, Dua's unwavering spirit led her to transcend obstacles and carve her own path.

With unwavering dedication, Dua pursued her education against all odds, conquering a 12-year hiatus in her academic journey. Her unwavering ambition took her from her village to Malaysia, where she pursued a Bachelor's degree at the prestigious Limkokwing University of Creative Technology.

After graduation and lecturing for two years, Dua entered the startup arena. Her herbal hair oil venture gained spotlight, enabling her to introduce her innovation to the Pakistani market.

Yet, Dua's journey doesn't end at business success. She finds purpose in philanthropy, dedicating herself to projects that uplift and transform lives. As a social media activist and philanthropist, Dua extends her hand to those in need, orchestrating micro funding initiatives that foster growth and empowerment.



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