Marketing Plan 101: Storytelling

Behind some of the world’s biggest brands is a story, a story that catches our attention and fulfills people’s innate desire for connection and understanding. Storytelling should be an integral component of any company’s communication strategy, especially its marketing plan. When we meet someone for the first time, we ask questions. We pay attention to their stories, ideas, viewpoints, and beliefs…

all with the end goal of trying to find some type of connection. This concept does not change when it comes to business. A key component of creating your brand is telling your narrative. It helps to shape public perception of you and makes it possible for customers to start developing feelings for you and your business. Marketing Psychology has actually confirmed that us humas are hardwired for stories.

They promote greater comprehension, trust, receptivity, and other positive outcomes. This method has been used for ages, as kids, we were taught important ideas through books, movies, and fairytales. This is how we relate, interact, and are moved — to laughter, tears, rage, sympathy, and action. People will buy from a company if storytelling is done correctly and authentically because they enjoy what the brand does, what it stands for, and the stories it shares.

One of today’s most effective brand storytellers is Nike. Nike almost always has a backstory to go along with everything they do, and their website is full of them. One of their most popular ones was the one-minute “commercial” honoring Michael Jordan’s career. Other brand’s who’ve had success with storytelling include Apple, Chobani, Procter & Gamble, Dove, Land Rover, Burt’s Bees and many more. By including storytelling (or a narrative) in your marketing plan or strategy, you will elevate the meaning of the brand and more clearly define how it fits into the lives of your target audience in a way that they can connect with and understand. Storytelling sells. Storytelling has an impact. Storytelling fosters connections.

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